What's an EZBuckleBelt?

What’s an EZBuckleBelt?

An EZBuckleBelt is the simplest and easiest belt for children and adults to operate and wear.  The belt features a patented fastening system with Velcro® and an EZBuckle making getting dressed a snap.   The simplicity of use and the various styles make this belt a must have for back to school.  Explore our website for colors, styles and sizes at EZBuckleBelts.com

To put on an EZBuckleBelt simply thread the belt through the belt loops of your pants and slide the belt through the buckle and press the Velcro® (aka hook and loop) together.  The Velcro® securely fastens the belt.  The simple Velcro® and EZBuckle fastening system make the belt the easiest belt in the world to fasten and unfasten.  The combination of Velcro® and EZBuckle give the belt the appearance of a traditional belt.   An added benefit of the fastening system is that we see less wear on EZBuckleBelts versus traditional belts.